Advaita Philosophy, Yoga Philosophy

Communication with Dennis Littrell

These pages contain a series of mails that I exchanged with Mr. Dennis Littrel, California, who was the first reviewer of my book. Starting with discussions on the book, we ended up discussing two topics mainly, randomness and free will. Although I cannot claim we were able to solve these old problems, We did finally gain an important insight into the differences between our positions, a difference which centered mainly on different meanings we attached to words like randomness. This insight is important because I suspect many others who have read or thought on such topics also face this identical problem of understanding what exactly these words mean, hence this may ultimately turn out to be of help to someone engaged in such thinking.

The first page contains the final mails we exchanged which cleared up the matter. After this, the other mails are arranged chronologically.

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Advaita Philosophy, Yoga Philosophy

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